DIY Starter Kits

Love on Rails, LLC offers Do-It-Yourself starter kits for sale. These kits take the guesswork out of knowing what materials to order, from where, and how many of each piece. You will, however, need to source your own 3/4-inch (#57) gravel from your local landscaping supply store. (Generally, figure in one cubic yard for every 10 feet of track.) Step-by-step assembly instructions are also included, as well as support from us if you have assembly questions or issues. Now you can build your own backyard ride-on railroad and save a lot of money. A half-acre lot is plenty big enough to accommodate these kits.

The kits we offer come in three tiers: Basic includes the minimum amount of ties/rail/hardware/specialty-tools you need for a simple circle, Prototype is like Basic but adds 50% more ties for a more realistic appearance, and Deluxe which is like Prototype but adds a turnout (a.k.a., switch) and 30 feet of siding track.

Basic, Prototype, and Deluxe each come in two sizes, small for a 60’ diameter circle, and large for a 90’ diameter circle. Expansion Packs are also available, which include a pair of 10’ sections, for making your circle into an oval or rounded rectangle (or extending the siding on the Deluxe Kit). You can purchase multiple Expansion Packs for a single Starter Kit.

Prices for each kit are as follows. These prices already include shipping, and applicable sales tax. These prices are also less than what you would pay if you were to purchase and ship that materials directly from the manufacturers.

Starter KitsSmall 60’ diameter (10+ yds gravel needed)Large 90’ diameter (15+ yds gravel needed)
Basic 6” tie spacing$3760$4560
Prototype 4” tie spacing$4130$5150
Deluxe 4” tie spacing #5 switch kit 30’ of siding track$5380$6390
Expansion Pack pair of 10ft sections$250$250

If you would like to purchase these kits from us or have questions, please reach out to us at or call/text us at five-one-three, three-zero-five, eight-seven-zero-five. (Pardon us for spelling it out in our attempt to fight back against harvesting bots.) You may instead reach out to us using our “Contact Us” page. Railroad Travel, Hobby & Industry