Clinic Presentation

The link above is a PDF version of the live clinic given at the 2022 NMRA National Convention in St Louis, Missouri titled ”Build Your Own Ride-on Railroad”. You can download it to see the slides shown during the clinic. The end of the presentation offered several choices of do-it-yourself (DIY) starter kits. The second-to-last slide shows the different packages and their prices which can be purchased from Love on Rails, LLC. These are high quality kits are shipped to your address and include all the materials and specialty tools you need to complete your layout, except gravel, which should be sourced locally. You will also need your own power tools and yard tools. The approximate amount of gravel needed for flat and even ground is listed for each kit.

The kits take the guesswork out of how much of each material you’d need, and come with instructions that explain how to go about it the right way. For more information about our DIY starter kits, and to see the latest pricing in this volatile retail market, see our DIY page.

During the clinic, some of the attendees asked about where to purchase rolling stock for 7.5” gauge railroads. Below is a partial list of some manufacturers of some rolling equipment.