Love on Rails — Backyard Railroads

Mission: We believe that riding trains is magical! We believe that trains are not only nostalgic, but romantic! There is something unique about riding on rails that triggers the dopamine and endorphins in us that riding in automobiles does not trigger. Now you can get this rush any time you want by owning a railroad in your own backyard.

Services: We, Love on Rails LLC, provide the following services: build, remove, or repair 1/8-scale railroads, and G-scale railroads; build custom G-scale trestle bents; and, we sell DIY kits containing everything you need to build your own 1/8-scale railroad. Read on for more details.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to have a one-eighth-scale railroad in your own backyard — rails that you can actually ride on, and pull passengers?  Of course it would! (Play the short video below!)

Love on Rails, LLC builds 1/8-scale model railroads on private property in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.   This brings delight to kids and adults alike!  It is a unique attraction that is expandable and stays interesting for years to come.  So many people love trains and are fascinated with models of them, and this is a wonderful and unique way to keep friends and family coming back to your house.  

“I have been blown away by all the praise from so many people this railroad has gotten!” says Mark Fenbers, the owner of Love on Rails, LLC. “I’ve met so many people because of it! I never would have imagined!” He added, “I ride the train often, especially to decompress after a hard day — it’s very soothing for my soul!”

Let’s talk about space. The minimum railroad diameter is 60 feet.   So, a yard space of at least 65’x65’ is needed for the minimum railroad (a circle), but a larger layout of any size or irregular shape is certainly possible.  Maybe you don’t want it just confined to your backyard, but want tracks in your side or front yard, too!  We will customize according to your wishes. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook (links above and below) to see the latest photos and updates.

How big is 1/8 scale?  Well, big enough to ride on!  The distance between the rails is 7.5 inches, and the corresponding distance on a full-size railroad is 56.5 inches.  This is a factor of 7.5333. So, to be precise, it is really a 1/7.5333-scale railroad where 1-inch on the model represents 7.5333 inches of the real railroad.   But saying “one-eighth scale” is a lot easier to say, and to remember. This gauge is also 1.59 inches to the foot, and many folks just call it “inch-and-a-half” scale, or “1.6-scale”.  Anyway, no matter how you refer to it, a train on this size railroad is plenty big and sturdy enough to hold several adults.  See our gallery for perspective.

Love on Rails would love to build a railroad on YOUR property — for the fun and amazement of riding on train tracks in your own yard!  Kids and adults alike love riding on trains and it is such an unusual attraction that will intrigue you, family, neighbors, friends, and even people you don’t know (yet). It’s even MORE fun if your railroad has interesting features like a bridge or two, a crossing signal with lights and bell, or switches to provide an alternate path.

What are my choices?  A railroad doesn’t need to be in the middle of your yard disrupting your luscious green lawn.  Rather, you can have a railroad amidst the wooded area of your property, or a combination of woods and lawn.  Your railroad can be a basic circle in the backyard, or a large irregular shape going all the way around your property.  You decide! You can even route it through and flush-mount it with your deck or driveway!  It can have multiple sidings or even multiple routes through your yard.  The extent of your dream railroad is between you and your imagination.  Just tell us what you want and we can build it!  

Want to learn more? See our More Info page.

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